Family company
with a long tradition

Brego is a Polish family company with 18 years of rich history.
Our business strategy is modern but our values have not changed in years.

Dynamic and elastic management

We have implemented strategy of simultaneous satisfying our steady customer's needs and taking up new challenges.


The main branch of our business is plastic and fabrics produce.
We also take congeneric care of outsourcing for big concerns.

PVC film products

Mix of elasticity and durability. They can be use as industrial and garden insulation.

Rubber products

Products made of technical rubber used in mechanical seal production and other rubber products.

EVA foam products

Material enabling elastic components production - it has insulating and protective properties.

Transition and production belts

Multicomponent products shipped to big concerns.

Fabrics and textiles products

Products used to secure finished products.

Congenering customer service for concerns

Outsourcing human resources. There are no commissions we are afraid of!

High quality is our priority.
Client's satisfaction is our goal.

We woud love to answer all your questions!



Brego is a Polish family company with 18 years of rich history.
Our most frequent customers are those we have been working with for years, although our customer base is successively growing - we receive new, unusual commissions on regular basis. Multidimensional strategy of simultaneous satisfying our regular customers and taking up new challenges has helped us build a strong, stable brand and also gain experience in various industries and domains.

Thorough information

We would love to answer all your questions on any stage of our cooperation.


We use advanced planning methods.
We guarantee completing the commission in due date.

Quality guarantee

We examine the quality, effectiveness and client's level of satisfaction.
We are always all out.


Our employees are experts in their fields, highly oriented on successfully finishing each project.

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